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What is The Onward by Faith Revival? 

Each morning I spend time with God. I call my time, "Appointments with God". It's what I do each day. I grab my appointment book, pen, Bible and I read. When I hear something that God is telling me... I write it down. On  July 16, 2020, He told me to start a revival and I have to admit I was confused because I don't own a tent large enough.

I laughed.

Then I looked up the definition of revival and it read: an act or instance of reviving : the state of being revived: such as a: renewed attention to or interest in something: a person who revives customs, traditions or ideas... and when I read the word "ideas" I knew.

I knew that each person born of faith has been given a great gift (idea). The idea is to know Jesus by faith, live by faith, and to use our strengths and our weaknesses to believe (that by faith) what God shows us through His Word, our heart, mind and through others, is real. 

Since July 16th, I've been able to think of nothing else BUT a great revival and it begins with me. One person at a time. One idea at a time, because this I know for a fact... God has created me. He loves me. I was born with an idea that only I can do, and when my idea gets so BIG I will need to find another person who has a similar idea, and then the two of us will join together and onward by faith we'll journey. Within the simplicity of revival I need to be brave enough to know that the Jesus I know is real and the ideas that He shares with me can bring Him glory and help another want to share their faith too.

I'm excited to know that I don't need a tent. I don't need a building. I just need to remember the idea that God has given me and keep going day-by-day, onward by faith.

So, what is my number one gift?


I love to encourage others to use their gifts. I love helping people become all that God has created them to be, and because I'm good at it I want to use my gift to revive you and remind you that you were created to do great things for the glory of God and if you know what you're supposed to do, but are not doing it, please contact me and we will get you started on your mission. 

If  you're doing what God created you to do, please share your story  about what you're doing so that we can share your gift(s) with others. People may need your gift or they may want to help you.  And just so there is no misunderstanding--- your gift can be being a great wife or husband, raising children, your business, taking care of friends. Praying. Feeding people. Whatever your gift is we want to hear from you! 

It's just time for us to stop wondering who we were created to become and become what God created us to be. 

Looking forward to hearing from you. 

Onward by Faith, 


Gina Meyer